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Real estate utilization in Tokyo We think with the best way 東京23区でのデザイナーズマンション開発のことならベストウェイ

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The BEST WAY brand concept

To provide living spaces that feel like a private oasis for residents

To this end, we provide investment-oriented apartments located in Tokyo's 23 central wards under the URBANAGE brand.

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Apartment management for investment

With the future of the public pension system unclear, it doesn't hurt to start getting your retirement funds ready early. If you're able to acquire an income-producing property, you receive rental as a cash income every month, which serves as a kind of private pension fund to help relieve the concerns of old age.

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Enhancing safety with our commitment to sturdy construction materials

Foundation work is the most important element in building a sturdy structure. Our specialists carry out geological and ground surveys of planned construction sites, so we can identify the characteristics of the site.

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A commitment to structure

Our commitment to buildings as long-term assets, from foundation work to final structure, reflects the needs of residents.

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