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Please understand our deep commitment

Precisely because this is real estate, we never build the thing twice

Just as with human facial expressions, every building also has a “face.” Our project team system enables us to construct buildings with meticulous attention to detail.
Our designers’ commitment is evident in the specifications ensuring every single one of our buildings has a different expression?from external design and planning based on location and environment through to interior specifications.
Facilities and interior decor may change with the times, but we remain committed to meticulous techniques enabling us to build structures for every era, as evidenced by excellence in materials and architecture.

Properties that we'll still be proud of in 100 years' time

Beginning with our structural frameworks (which use 100-year concrete, as we want to create buildings we can be proud of in the future), we provide attractive properties that satisfy our clients, following strict guidelines for decisions about appropriate land acquisition in light of surrounding lifestyles, the location and asset qualities of the building, and structural plans to suit changing lifestyles.

Through these buildings, we also hope to convey our cultural traditions and lifestyle to the citizens and engineers of 100 years in the future.

Enhancing safety with our commitment to sturdy construction materials

Concrete construction offers fundamental performance

The outstanding performance of concrete residences is essential for long-term real estate investment
Earthquake resistant  We use 100-year high-quality concrete to achieve robust construction featuring minimal shaking during earthquakes
Airtight  Because concrete construction has no frame gaps, it provides ideal indoor temperatures: cool in summer, warm in winter
Fireproof The frame itself is of fireproof concrete construction, which is non-flammable but sacrifices no strength
Durable  Concrete is an overwhelmingly superior material to wood for maintaining long-term stability of construction
Sound insulation  Concrete is a weighty material, ideal for achieving sound insulation, both inside and outside

Robust foundation

A sturdy foundation for construction

Foundation work is the most important element in building a sturdy structure. Our specialists carry out geological and ground surveys of planned construction sites, so we can identify the characteristics of the site.

First, we conduct a survey using boring. Based on this data, we perform structural calculations, and if any concerns exist about the site ground, we address these using the appropriate methods before constructing the foundation of the building.

High-quality concrete material

For outstanding earthquake resistance, 100-year concrete offers peace of mind

Our buildings use a material known as "100-year concrete," which offers a high degree of durability

Concrete is created by mixing water and cement. The ratio of water to cement is important, since less water in the mix makes for stronger concrete. By eliminating more water than usual, our concrete maintains its durability for 100 years, compared to normal concrete which has around 65 years of usable life.

Shrinking construction costs using a high-intensity construction period

FRP panel formwork can significantly reduce wasteful construction schedule and cost

Using high-strength FRP molds allows us to work with a high degree of accuracy and reduce construction time and costs compared to conventional disposable timber formwork. Additionally, by cutting down on garbage and industrial waste, we practice architecture that is beneficial to the global environment.

Rental managers who have considered what it is like to live on one's own

With BESTWAY, you're able to purchase land for construction sites in advance. We also respond to requests for partial changes to plans or changes to interior specifications.
For example, if you have advance interest in a site but wish to change the plans for the top floor to residential etc., please don't hesitate to contact us.