Newly constructed whole apartment buildings for sale, combining ease of living with great lifestyles

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The BEST WAY brand concept

To provide living spaces that feel like a private oasis for residents

To this end, we provide investment-oriented apartments located in Tokyo's 23 central wards under the URBANAGE brand.

We have established and expanded our support system to ensure the total satisfaction of all investors and tenants of whole apartment buildings, which differ substantially from apartment buildings that are owned in sections.

We aim to provide living spaces in which residents can live in comfort, and residences that owners will be proud to own.


This series of designer apartments takes its name from the new generation of young women living in the city (URBAN) and creating a new era (AGE).


This series of concept apartments features low-rise condominium units in supremely liveable residential areas?just like living amid the four seasons (saison) in a green and vivid garden.


Outstanding expertise in selecting high quality land assets

At BEST WAY, we acquire development sites with great locations close to railway stations in the superb living environment of the 23 wards of Tokyo. We obtain our own site application information, and then after undertaking appropriate marketing, we create development plans, principally for investment-oriented residences of reinforced concrete construction.

Selection of floor plans and facilities that are optimal for residents

Tenants have a great diversity of needs, and convenient and comfortable indoor amenities are a requirement for living spaces for residents seeking comfortable lives. We also make proposals for unique floor layouts in some areas.

In order to achieve full occupancy management and avoid creating vacancies, the following points are important:

  • Marketing to the market
  • Constructing buildings that are attractive to residents
  • Ensuring that property specifications, designs, and facilities reflect the needs of residents

We have made continued efforts to properly achieve the following three points.

Uncompromising construction, in order to help maintain assets

We supervise construction, based on our own strict criteria, in order to take our buildings to the next level

Making the best use of advanced technology and techniques in constructing our own unique products, our motto is “taking construction to the next level”.
Based on our own strict internal criteria, we conduct dependable supervision of construction works in a safe, secure, and advanced fashion. We also ensure construction work is carried out in consideration of the surrounding environment, always maintaining close communication with neighboring residents.

Planned developments that take full advantage of the benefits of a global standard

We will keep striving to achieve plans that incorporate specifications unfamiliar to Japanese rental housing, including lighting plans utilizing indirect illumination and room layouts that concentrate living space in a single floor and keep facility functions together compactly, minimizing dead space and ensuring adequate daylight.

We aim to produce stylish dwellings, reminiscent of overseas hotels or condominiums.