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New built B&B service oriented business

New built B&B service is a contemporary idea making use of the renovate buildings appointed in prime location in Tokyo, 
to work on B&B design, building, trading and managing service.
B&B Service business is different with traditional real estate industry due to its special features.
Our company is learning and gaining experience from the on road B&B business.
We consider that B&B business will surely grow up rapidly in the future.
Our company will take adventage of one stop service to sell mansion in order to maximize owner's interest while coordinate with future law development.

What is a new built B&B service oriented masion ?

A stable revenue and profits is required in running  a rental business.
First, New Built B&B Service Oriented Mansion must meet the requirements for normal rental use.
Base on the mentioned condition, providing a short-term rental service and fulfilling its market demand is a more profitable and valuable business than running a traditional rental business.

For our company, our goal is stabilizing the rental revenue for normal rental services. Besides, we also chase higher rate of return by applying the better business model - B&B services.
We consider to prepare a furniture provided mansion with high flexibility in advance, so we can provide a worth invested property with a lower risk.

Advantages of B&B Services

To sum up, the best location of B&B Services should be located in prime location near the train station and convenient for foreigners to live.  
We not only provide profitable property to foreign but also inquire the estimation in the property future value. We are running our business by having this kind of multi-angle thinking and consideration of the demand of the market.

Room arrangement with high flexibility

Bestway’s mansion design is oriented to B&B service, which you can connect rooms together or separate it to personal rooms easily. Therefore, our mansion can fulfil different customer needs like hotels overseas .
Certainly, the room can be rented by closing the opened area, its flexibility can increase our property investment value. We absorb experience from traditional style rental service, in order to provide you a more a profitable and new generation demanded living environment.

Perfect ancillary facilities and cooperative management

We provide perfect ancillary facilities (including security system, security cameras, combination lock and others equipment for your convecience), increasing the profit by fulfilling the market needs, also to assist the landlord to run a stable rental business.

Reducing risk for investor

According the both existing of management cooperation and B&B business, it is hard to differentiate between the different type mansions in the future.
If there is any disputations from neighbors or other manage cooperation, the risk of forbidding the business by other mange cooperation is concerned.
As it is hard to run a low risk B&B business by providing a traditional B&B mansion, the mansion become a very precious for the operator.
Therefore, in contrast to running a trip business or traditional real estate, we can sublease our mansion with a higher rental fee. Also, we can have a high return like the house owner and reduce the investing risk at the same time.

Make use of the high leverage to invest in Real Estate Industry

The key for real estate investment is asset management efficiency.
We base on the profit from the new built B&B service oriented mansion which used as a simply rental mansion, to consider about the investment plan.
Realizing the risk, and the most important, investing with a organized mind.

In order to obtain loan from financial institution, an investment plan which supported by a steady revenue is needed, which the investment plan supports having high leveraged investment, low interest rate and long term financing.

Ensuring the stability of the cash flow, which result in a maximum profit of our business.